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Hiding your email address

When you have registered on this site, it is very important that you hide your email address from other users. By default it is visible to other members of your courses. To hide the address:
  1. Click on your user name at the top right of the Moodle window. This will open your profile.
  2. Click the Edit profile tab (second tab from the left).
  3. On this screen, the sixth box down, just under your email address has an arrow on the right.
  4. Click this arrow and choose Hide my email address from everyone from the drop-down list that appears.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click the Update profile button.
  6. Click SGforum in the breadcrumb near the top of the Moodle window to return to your home page.

Available Courses

  • Welcome to Visible and valued: Sexual orientation equality in the learning and skills sector.┬áVisible and valued contains seven learning modules, each dealing with a different aspect of sexual orientation equality, from challenging inappropriate behaviour to promoting positive attitudes. This is an interactive programme that uses video and questions to raise awareness of the issues for leaders at all levels in the sector.

  • This interactive resource uses video and associated activities to help users understand the issues surrounding gender identity equality.
    Through this resource, we aim to raise the level of understanding, awareness and commitment to gender identity equality, enabling the learning and skills sector to develop inclusive and meaningful practices to support the needs of trans learners and staff.
    The resource was developed at a time when gender identity had become the seventh equality strand so it carries the title The 7th strand.

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